NewBart 🍎


You told me an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what you failed to mention was the heart ache. What keeps that at bay? Imagine drowning deep beneath my sheets lost and yet Somehow, you find me! I can be your savior. You could wrap your arms around my full body twice. Those doors are locked and my mouth is to yours. Drink… You said and I did, I drunk and washed away the desert in my heart exposing you to Antho’s covered in Sun. How beautiful. I couldn’t deny the doctor knew the remedy. How could you be… Who made you….. I love you… You expose my mirrors to me and I still can’t see through your eyes. I swallow sweet apples at a whole maybe if I choke you’ll find me again. These seeds I have won’t grow for another, my poor garden is destroyed. No green thumbs & no red apples. 


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